October 4, 2018

The Beauty of Free Over the Air Television

As millions in the United States debate the merits of cable versus streaming television, there is one type of TV that often goes without mention. Over the air television has been present for many decades, only getting better over time. And it is the preferred method of watching specific channels for many people.

OTA Television

There are specific channels in the United States that are broadcast over the air. These channels are freely available to any household that has the proper antenna setup to receive those signals.

Antenna types necessary to get OTA signals will depend on the location of the home. For instance, some homes may need powerful outdoor antennas, while others are able to get high quality signals with a modest, indoor antenna.

broadband power dividers

Free Channels

Thanks to over the air technology and delivery mechanisms, which include devices such as broadband power dividers, Americans get to enjoy certain channels for free. Networks such as ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS are available through over the air signals. It does not cost anything beyond an antenna and television to get these stations in your home.

Pairing OTA With a DVR

Many Americans have found the most affordable way to get the television programs and shows they love is by pairing OTA television with a DVR-type device. Since these channels have so many shows on during the week, it makes sense for people to record the broadcasts to watch them at a later date.

While there is the upfront cost of buying the antenna and DVR-type device, there are no monthly fees. It is possible to enjoy high quality, free television for years. And since OTA channels are usually broadcast in 720p or 1080i, they often look better compared to the same channels on cable television services.

Streaming may be the future of television, but no one should sleep on OTA either!

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